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Stars as my witness I will find a way to shine

Even when it's cloudy no eclipse can block mine

Imma zone through my own space, Bet with my own stakes

Define history in the universe with my own place

Still at the bottom workin' my way up the plane

Brain being poisoned with gas and i'm slippin' through the rain

Tryin to make moves so the moves will make me

Ignored and declined because they don't see what I see

Be who I be walk through or travel with me

No one said it would be easy obviously as we maneuver with life's odyssey

Free as a bird but feel heat like a comet

Once I get what I earn I will asteroid my way and planning on being Iconic

View things differently combining dreams and reality

Just to stay focus on my own moves thoughts and versatility

Every sunlight and moonlight are beautiful all the same

Full opportunity watch the stars align watching waiting to carve my name.
HanaRenee Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
you're best work so far in my opinion.
great use of metaphorical descriptions.
you dont need to find a way to shine, luv.
you're already a star!
MosDiverse28 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yea this is one of my favs, but their all mine I like them all for different reasons lol. Thanks for the already a star comment I appreciate that... Thanks for the fav :D
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January 19, 2014


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